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After School Clubs

We run a variety of after-school clubs which are open to children from Year 1 – Year 6. The clubs are aimed at different year groups every term so as to ensure that all children have an opportunity to join in throughout the year. If places are not filled from within the specified year groups, the remaining spaces will then be offered to other year groups.
Some clubs are free of charge (e.g. Choir) whilst others cost £30 per term. The school tries to keep the costs of the clubs to a minimum by subsidising them to ensure as many children as possible get the opportunity to participate. If you have financial difficulties covering this cost, please speak to Mr Frostick in complete confidence.
All clubs start straight after school and run until 4.30pm unless otherwise specified.

We will no longer be accepting cash and cheques for club payments. Please book a club via
Parent Pay. 

Club  Day   Run by  Skills
 Mrs Hunt 


Tuesdays   Children learn the basic skills of the game including shooting, passing, attacking and defending.
Choir Monday lunchtimes Mrs Jones Choir is very popular. Children sing a variety of pop, classical and other genres. They perform in church, at Christmas concerts and at school fairs.
Cricket Wednesdays    
Dance  Wednesdays    


Upstage Drama Club Children have fun expressing themselves through games, improvisations and story telling. This allows them to explore their imaginations and develop their talents and self-esteem.
Football Thursdays Brentford Community Sports Trust Coaches Children learn a variety of skills ranging from dribbling, striking, defending and moving on and off the ball. They then apply these to mini game situations.
Gymnastics Mondays    
Netball Wednesdays   Children learn the basic skills of shooting, chest passes, bounce passes, attacking and defending. They learn the rules of High 5 netball and get to play mini games.
Rugby Tuesdays Brentford Community Sports Trust Coaches Children learn a variety of skills, particularly passing the ball backwards, touchdown tries and how to tag other players. They then get to apply these skills in mini games. Some children will also get the opportunity to play in matches against other schools out of school time.
Tennis Mondays Brentford Community Sports Trust Coaches Children develop their hand-eye coordination as they learn to hold a racket, strike the ball and use backhand. They apply these skills to mini game situations.