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Who's Who


Role Representing
Roger Ferris (Chair) Music / Child Protection Foundation Parent
Mike Pears (Vice Chair) Health & Safety & Risk Assessment Foundation
Rev Richard Frank Worship / ICT All Souls'
Mark Hinton Stewart Early Years All Saints’
Paul Camus Design and Technology All Saints'
Jonathon Frostick Headteacher  
Lavinia Pashley-Wilkins Literacy / KS1 Staff
Stephanie Ajayi LA / Numeracy / KS2 LEA
Rev Ali Walton Ex-Officio All Saints'
Simon DaveyChild Protection / Safeguarding / PE / Extended Schools Elected Foundation Parent
Jon WoodenRE / PSHEDeanery Synod
Rufus WestonFinanceLDBS
Debbie Sayer Clerk to the Governing Body  
Committee Governors
Finance Jon Frostick, Mike Pears, Jon Wooden
Buildings Mike Pears (Chair), Jon Frostick, Marcus Guy, Simon Davey
People Mark Hinton-Stewart (Chair), Jon Frostick, Stephanie Ajayi,
Rev Ali Walton
Curriculum Jon Frostick (Chair), Elaine Lacey (Associate Member), Marcus Guy, Stephanie Ajayi, Lavinia Pashley-Wilkins
Admissions Mike Pears (Chair), Jon Frostick, Mark Hinton-Stewart, Elaine Lacey (Associate Member), Debbie Sayer (Clerk)
Panel Governors
Staff Dismissal Panel Richard Frank, Simon Davey
Staff Dismissal Appeals Stephanie Ajayi, Mike Pears
Performance Management Appeals Roger Ferris, Mike Pears, Stephanie Ajayi

Leadership Appraisal Group

Roger Ferris, Mike Pears
In order to comply with Department for Education regulations regarding the information a school must publish on their website, none of the above Governors have declared a conflict of interests with their business or finanical affairs. Rev Richard Frank is also a Governor at Worple Primary School.