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Year 3 Oaks

In year 3 Oaks our class teachers are Miss Jones and Mrs Winchester.

In Year 3 we are determined to learn from our mistakes and grow our brains, learning lots of new and exciting things. In Oak class we are ‘bucket-fillers’ meaning we are kind to our friends, filling their ‘invisible buckets’ to make them feel content and valued. When we are kind we are simultaneously filling our own bucket- being a kind friend makes us feel good too!

In Literacy we are focusing on non-fiction texts and Indian Texts, using the Tiger Child as inspiration. We are learning how to enhance our writing through creative language and punctuation. Oak class are also using inspirational authors to magpie ideas to incorporate in their own stories.

In Numeracy we have been practising our number skills, learning to be fluent and accurate mathematicians. We are learning a variety of strategies for mental addition and subtraction along with multiplication facts for the 3 and 4 times tables. We will also be looking at time and revising other units of measurement during the course of the term.

In RE we have been looking at the Creation and how we can be responsible global citizens, taking care of God’s world. We are also looking how can we apply our understanding of RE to our everyday lives, thinking what God means to us.

In Geography and Science we are looking at Rainforests and Plants. We have already started compiling a fact file about the Amazon rainforest as well as labelling a diagram of a sunflower. The children are very excited about learning more about the world around them.

Please click here to view the half termly plan.